Coupling and End Coupling

The Safari tent is made with couplings, which connect the wooden frame to each other.
TentsXl uses 89mm galvanized steel 2.9mm thick as standard for this. Of course we can also supply these for a 100mm frame. It is not that if you use a 100mm frame, it also will be 2x as strong. This may go to the land of fables. It will certainly be different but minimal. It is more about the appearance that you experience as a customer.

End fittings is certainly a good addition to your Safari tent.
This gives the frame an extra connection, making it stronger again., The traditional safari tents do not have the end fittings. After a few years you can clearly see if these are missing. The end of the wooden beam frame that comes from under the roof has to do with all weather influences. As a result, this end will also reach its end sooner. The problem that can be caused is that the ratchet screwed on it can come loose.
That is why we always recommend using End Couplings.
Added value for your lifetime of the Safari tent and your investment!

Example of use without end coupling and possible consequences.

Voorbeeld gebruik zonder Eindkoppeling en mogelijke gevolgen.


Voorbeeld gebruik met Eindkoppeling