Isolated Elements tent Plus

Insolated Elements Plus tent;
The isolated Elements plus tent TentsXL is equipped with solar panels. A tent that will yield you 365 days a year. A revolution in the camping world, at your park or campsite. An accommodation that generates its own electricity, environmentally responsible sustainable wood. Sustainable wood comes from forests that are managed sustainably. (This means that logging is done in such a way that the ecological function of the forest as a living environment of both plant and animal species is preserved) and is equipped with the latest gadgets. It is also possible to use the isolated elements plus tent tentsxl with a heat-extracting water system. A completely self-sufficient tent. A guaranteed success with your customers. You can fill in the tent to your own wishes, luxury or as a basic version. Your customers will experience a unique experience, a guaranteed holiday experience in which the tent atmosphere is retained. The Elements tent is also available in other sizes.  S 5 × 7, M 7 × 7, XL 9 × 7.

Insolated Elements Plus 9×7, 6 Pers

With this layout you have an outside and inside part with a total area of 84 m2. In the living area you will find a kitchen and a table to enjoy your home-cooked meal. By cleverly dealing with the space, the living area also feels spacious and you can enjoy the luxury that our glamping tents have to offer. This tent is also suitable for 6-8 people.


  • Inner tent size 63m2
  • Total size 84 m2
  • Including veranda 21m2
  • Suitable for 6 people


  • Strong frame
  • Insulated roof plates
  • Insulated floor system
  • Solar panels
  • Heat extraction system
  • Ecologically responsible
  • Inner fabric tent
  • Delivery from stock
  • Put together yourself
  • Summer winter trial
  • Storm resistant
  • Impregnated wood
  • Different colors available
  • Sliding door – / sliding door
  • Lockable / Insurable
  • Basic or luxury version
  • Available with interior

6-8 Person

tent elements plus 9x7 vloerplan

Upstairs Floor

Tent Elements boven verdieping

The floor plans shown are some possible versions of this model. Ask about the various other options that we can offer you.
* images shown may differ from the standard model.

Tent elements plus
Tent Elements Plus 1
Tent Elemeents boven verdieping
Tent Elements linker aanzicht

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