who are we






TentsXl was founded because I have been involved in the “Glamping” world for years. As a result, I saw things that I absolutely do not have in mind for “my” customers. As a customer you should receive honest advice about the materials before you choose what exactly suits you best.
The customized advice is what it is all about at TentsXL and whether you want to buy a tent as a private individual, small business owner or …… makes no difference to us. We do not like to talk around it and make it more beautiful than it is, 100% satisfaction is our goal and whether it is 1 tent or 10, here in the Netherlands or in Timbuktu this makes no difference.
It must be a worry-free process for you as a customer, something that we will do together if you like that, of course, but maybe you say yes no, really nice, but don’t want to have to worry about it, then of course it can also take we take everything out of your hands and you will come to see if your tent is fully furnished and ready to sleep right away. So yes we can also arrange the furniture and beds made for you.
In short, there is as much as possible with us and with us, do you want more information about the different tents that we offer, or what will suit you best? please fill in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.
We look forward to seeing you at TentsXL