We use “Old-Look Wood” for the furniture. This is machine aged wood. The wood is processed in such a way that it has the appearance of used wood. The planks are provided with a treatment so that the furniture can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Glamping stands for luxury. But how do you bring the convenience of a nice couch from home to your glamping? With a combination of our climbing wood furniture and the trend of the moment, your guests will have the feeling that they are sleeping in a luxury hotel. And that with the camping feeling of glamping. Lean back on a cool sofa with shiny satin cushions or brush your teeth in front of a mirror with a chic brass edge: the stronger the contrast, the greater the wow factor. The floor also changes with it, rough concrete or flexible PVC. Interested? We are happy to help you tell the story.
“Your Home shoud tell the story of who you are, & be a collection of what you love”

Interior impression

Living trend of this year;
Color of the year 2021 “Brave Ground” brings peace and space to your interior. Light woods are increasingly common in luxury and industrial living styles. Make an impact with a statement piece, bring “nature” back into your home with natural elements.

Tafel TentsXL

In these turbulent Corona times, we value a nice home more than ever. “This includes light shades, round shapes, and cuddly fabrics such as wool and linen. In addition to straight shapes in a living room, nowadays there is always something round to make it a bit softer. We call this light style the Bright Bubble, which stands for peace and a blank page, or a new beginning. “The result is a fresh house where soft, smooth and simple take the lead. 

This year we are going on a world trip in our “own home”, is one of the interior trends of 2021. “By combining furniture and accessories from Africa to Sweden, you create a very special feeling in your home. This includes an intense color palette, combined with earth tones for a beautiful and soft whole. Different materials are also combined with each other, such as raw wood with shiny satin, in addition to chic brass, rough concrete and sturdy fabric. The stronger the contrast, the greater the wow factor. “



Quotation request

Are you looking for innovation for your campsite? As a supplier of glamping tents, we always look at the end user’s need to produce a perfect end product during the construction of the tents. Use our quotation form to buy a tent. TentsXL is happy to help you with the development. We will contact you at all times to discuss your wishes.