Isolated Elements XL

We proudly present you the Insulated Elements XL. The starting point of this design is more return on investment. Something unique at your park or camping.

Looking to renovate your park, camping or private area? Then we have the solution the isolated Elements unique in the glamping world. You can compare these Elements with a chalet and all its advantages. A construction that can stand for at least 15 years and is fully equipped. The Elements will be able to rent to you all year round, which means a more than 100% return on your investment. The insulated Elements can be fitted with, among other things, a PVC or parquet floor, a luxury bathroom, a luxury kitchen, actually all the luxury your guests want. A unique experience that they will talk about for a long time. The Elements is also available in other sizes and designs. Curious, ask us about the possibilities.

Isolated Elements XL

The roof is equipped with insulated 100mm roof plates, by using a wooden frame and opening doors, the construction will be extremely strong to withstand all kinds of weather influences. Because the entire Elements is insulated, it will stay nice and cool during the hot days. A standard outside terrace of 21 m2 will certainly contribute to a real outdoor holiday. Thanks to the spacious top floor, your guests can enjoy complete privacy and experience a unique sleeping experience.

Our production is very flexible, in addition to the standard formats we offer, we can tailor the Elements entirely to your wishes. This is possible because we can build all frames modularly. This flexibility allows you, as the owner, to develop an Elements reception, for example. For more information and all options, please contact us. We are happy to help you put together your unique Elements.


  • Delivery from stock
  • Insulated roof plates
  • Insulated floors
  • Different colors available
  • Sliding or French doors
  • Basic or luxury version
  • Available incl. Interior

Floor plan impression

The floor plan shown is a possible implementation of this model. Ask us about all the options.

Vloerplan Elements

Isolated Elements XL 6-8 Pers

With this layout you have an outside and inside part with a total area of 84m2. Very spacious with a lovely kitchen and lounge area. On the top floor, your guests can enjoy a lovely bedroom with a unique view. Relax and unwind after a day at the beach.


  • Interior space size 63m2
  • Total size 84m2
  • Including veranda 21m2
  • Suitable for 6-8 people

Quotation request

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