Renovation of your park or campsite, the safari tent is the classic that has been around for a number of years now. There are many choices in eg with or without bathroom, zipper or sliding door construction. Which also looked at responsible sustainable wood. Sustainable wood comes from forests that are managed sustainably. (This means cutting down in such a way that the ecological function of the forest as a living environment for both plant and animal species is preserved). These spacious safari tents from TentsXL are equipped with all the conveniences that a luxury home can offer you, without losing the charm of camping.Of course, this Safari tent is available in various sizes and designs.


The roof is equipped with PVC and the inside of fabric, by using a wooden frame and sliding doors, the construction will be extremely strong to withstand all kinds of weather influences. With this construction a space of about 20cm will be created between the PVC roof, frame and inner tent, because of this space the heat from the sun will not penetrate into the tent. This will keep it nice and cool on hot days. A standard outside terrace of 21 m2 will certainly contribute to a real outdoor camping holiday.

Our production is very flexible, in addition to the standard sizes that we offer, we can also tailor the safari tent entirely to your wishes. This is possible because we can build all frames modularly. Because of this flexibility you as an owner can e.g. develop a group accommodation or reception tent. For more information and all options, please contact us. We are happy to help you put together your unique safari tent.

  • Strong frame
  • PVC roof 650 Gr
  • Inner tent fabric
  • Delivery from stock
  • Summer winter trial
  • Storm resistant
  • Impregnated wood
  • Different colors available
  • Sliding / opening door
  • Lockable / Insurable
  • Basic or luxury version
  • Available with interior

Safari Tent Versions


Safaritent S

Our smallest model fully equipped tent is the Safari tent S. The ideal solution for lack of space. This model glamping tent offers quality, flexibility, comfort and convenience. A Safari tent with a strong wooden frame, sturdy appearance and countless options for furnishing. The S is available with and without sanitary facilities. Are you also looking for a small but fully equipped safari tent? If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us


  • Inner tent size 20m2
  • Total size 35m2
  • Including veranda 15m2

Safaritent M

The luxury Safari tent M is the most popular model in the safari tent range. Mainly because this tent can be divided into several layouts. During construction, we take your wishes into account, whether you opt for a luxurious bathroom or a lot of space to sleep? A lot is possible. With an area of 45m2, there is enough space for the living and sleeping area and your guests can enjoy a great glamping experience.


  • Inner tent size 30m2
  • Total size 45m2
  • Including veranda 15m2

Safaritent XL

This glamping tent is the largest of its kind, because of its size, many different layouts are possible. Also ideally suited for other purposes such as exhibition space, meeting room and reception. We also supply this fully equipped safari tent as a wheelchair-friendly version. The safari tent XL can be built with or without sanitary facilities. When furnishing your tent, we always listen to your wishes in order to create a luxurious glamping experience for you.


  • Inner tent size 40m2
  • Total size 55m2
  • Including veranda 15m2

Quotation request

Are you looking for innovation for your campsite? As a supplier of glamping tents, we always look at the end user’s need to produce a perfect end product during the construction of the tents. Use our quotation form to buy a tent. TentsXL is happy to help you with the development. We will contact you at all times to discuss your wishes.