Sliding doors


Why sliding doors ?. Actually, that doesn’t have to be explained.
The traditional tents have zippers on the front. And these can be opened by anyone.
A common comment from customers renting the tent that they cannot leave their precious things unattended. The campground’s comment is that the tents cannot be insured because it is freely accessible. A common problem.

At TentsXL we have opted for sliding doors, which means that the tent can be closed and insured.
A very important feature of TentsXL.
We have also found the best sliding door supplier for this application.

The thickness of the muffle work is 60 mu as standard, but can be baked in 90 mu in certain cases (for example at the seaside).
A different treatment can also be chosen for applications in swimming pools (in connection with chemicals).
De profielen worden dan voorgeannodiseerd en later gemoffeld.




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