Sliding doors – French doors

Why install sliding patio doors in your luxury safari tent or glamping tent? Actually, that doesn’t need to be explained. The traditional tents have zippers on the front. And these can be opened by anyone. A common comment from guests who rent the tent is that they should be able to leave their precious belongings unattended. Note from park campsite owners that the tents cannot be insured.

That is why we at TentsXL opted for sliding patio doors, which makes the tent lockable and insurable. A unique feature of TentsXL. We have found the best supplier of sliding patio doors for this application. The thickness of the stoving work is standard 60 mu, but in certain cases it can be stoved in 90 mu. Also for applications in swimming pools (in connection with chemicals) a different treatment can be chosen. The profiles are then anodised beforehand and enamelled later.

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