Tensioning tent


Tensioning of the front of the tent

The front tent of the current safari tents is tensioned by means of a hatch eye and a strap through it. You understand that the front of the tent is a wind catcher, there is always force on the straps. Especially when there is a lot of wind, these straps want to release (tear off) from the tent canvas. Damage with major consequences because the inner tent will have to be removed and repaired, additional costs for the owner. And still no solution after that.

Safari tents with sliding patio doors

At TentsXL we have adjusted that, here we do not use hatch eyes and straps. Thanks to the construction with sliding doors, the front of the safari tent is reinforced and the front can be properly and securely attached. This application allows the front to withstand wind force 8/9 without sustaining any damage. Partly due to the new wooden construction that we use. It is not possible to make the front move by the wind. You can imagine holding a cloth in the wind that it will go in all directions. But if you will hold the rug with several people, the rug will not be able to go in all directions.


Safari tents flexible construction

Our Safari tents are made up of segments that are easily interchangeable. This has the advantages that in the event of a calamity only 1 segment needs to be replaced instead of the entire inner tent. This makes your Safari tent quickly available for rent again. Another advantage is that you can profitably extend the life of your Safari tent by renewing only the outer panels after, for example, 10 years.

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